Corona + school + What is good/bad = GREAT POEMS (by class 8s)


Here are some examples:

I miss school

I hate corona

I am bored

I love my friends

That’s no fun

Corona has to end

Therefore wash your hands

And keep distance

By Filiz

I think corona is kinda cool,

cause we don’t have to go to school.


I know every Netflix plot,

but I miss my friends alot.


Every night I stay up very late,

and I would never wake up before eight.


I love to stay at home and bake,

while I listen to Rihanna and Drake.


I hope y’all stay healthy,

It’s much better than being wealthy.


I hope to see y’all soon,

hopefully I don’t have to wait till June.

By Lina


I love corona because I can stand up late

But I hate it ‘cause I can’t see my mate.

I like Corona ‘cause I don’t need to use my make-up tool

But I hate it ‘cause I miss going to school.


We planned a trip to Barcelona

But it was cancelled because of corona.

Corona makes me sad

All in all corona makes me fat.


I hate my sister Leona

And due to corona

My sister and I have too much time to spend

Because of that I want it all to end.

by Aliya



Corona is a virus very bad

It makes a lot of humans sad .


I don´t go to school at the moment ,

it´s not so bad

But corona is the reason

Why we had to stop the football season. 😊


I love to sleep longer in the morning

But sometimes it feels a bit boring .


When I miss my friends to have fun

I go for a run.

by  Justin



Stay home they say

The new motto is to keep distance

And wash your hands often

You know that the Coronavirus is no fun


Hell yes, I know that

Even I miss my friends

And all the others I love

Learning and homework are part of my weekends

Then also the siblings are annoying

Homeschooling isn’t good for me for a long time

Yes it has come so far, I miss school.

by Odett